Business Management

We provide comprehensive business management services for individuals, families and businesses.  We assume the role of chief financial officer, general counsel and office administration/support for our clients.   Each Business management engagement is customized to suit our clients’ specific needs, but in general, we offer the following services:

1. Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial statement preparation and analysis;
2. Personal Account Management:  processing mail, reconciling bank accounts, paying bills and any other administrative services our clients require;
3. Budgeting;
4. Liquidity Analysis and Cash Flow Management;
5. Insurance Assessment and Management;
6. Payroll  Management;
7. Property Management;
8. Tax Preparation, Planning and Mitigation;
9. Legal Counsel:  Drafting and reviewing contracts, business transaction negotiation and support, entity formation, etc
10.  Coordinating with other professionals such as investment advisors, estate planners, property managers and other third party service providers engaged by our clients;

We simplify and enhance the lives of our clients through utilizing our CPA and legal skills. We have strong relationships with our clients and pride ourselves with a hands-on approach.